Visit Kennedy Space Center

Experience the heart of America's Space Program


Visit NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

From the early days of  Mercury, Gemini and Apollo through the recently concloded Space Shuttle program, Kennedy Space Center is the place where every American has left the planet and every human has launched to the Moon.  NASA’s neighbor, the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is the launch site for interstellar probes like New Horizons that recently flew by Pluto and the Mars rovers plus many commercial satellites.  Experience the heart of America’s space program with a visit to Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex.  For more information and to purchase tickets Click Here!


Go Inside the Fence

Take one of the Up Close bus tours and go behind the scenes at Launch Complex 39.  See the famous Vehicle Assembly Building and Launch Pad 39A and 39B where every shuttle and every Apollo mission to the Moon was launched from.


See Space Shuttle Atlantis

Get up close and personal with a real space shuttle.  Kennedy Space Center is home to Space Shuttle Atlantis, the last shuttle to fly in summer 2011 on mission STS-135.  Atlantis is on display right at the main campus of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

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